No Props about it!

It's always exciting to start a new project. First is starts with an initial pick-up meeting. Art directors, creatives, and clients all get together to discuss the project. That is not the fun part. It's when the concepts are shown, talked about, and conceived. That's when my creative mind starts working and I start to visualize the shots. I love being part of the creative process. In the past, when the economy was booming and budgets were, well there were no budgets, there would be a creative director, art director, stylist, assistants, all on set. The hustle and bustle of the studio was both stressful and exciting! We are in a different world and economy is not what it used to be, now a days I'm the art director and stylist and of course, the photographer. Since I have a lot of experience working with a team of creatives, I have picked up knowledge in these fields and embraced them. My favorite part is collecting all the ideas and making those ideas possible through photography. I love going out and finding props and using them to highlight the jewelry.

Let's see where these props take us...

A little about my roots...


This is my first blog post for Monica Niwa Photography. I will tell you a little about myself. When I graduated college some 17 years ago, I graduated with an Elementary Education degree.  I was sure I was going to be a school teacher. I worked for my father during the summers and any time I was off from school. He is the photographer in the family. I was sure I wouldn't follow in his foot-steps... well, here I am. My father, Niwa, is a well-known jewelry photographer. His clients included; Rolex to Cartier to Fortunoff and many more in between, no job was too small or too big. I learned all of my photography skills from my father. He has always been a big part of my life and still is. He has now since retired. I worked for him for 10 years, always learning. I branched out on my own in 2006. Stay tuned for more... Hope you enjoy my post! 

A family trip to my father's native country, Japan.